To understand why women don’t read their Bible we must look at the common struggles we face. It took me a long time to realize why I struggled to read the Bible.  Many women deal with the imposter syndrome, and for good reason. We’ve been told to “be sweet” and to “be good”.

When it came to Bible reading and study, I had no idea where to begin. I felt guilty that I didn’t like to read the Bible, it was overwhelming to me and I felt trapped in a cycle of doubt and uncertainty. 

My first introduction into Bible study was a lesson in overcoming the guilt for not reading the Bible. I secretly hated the very first Bible study group but it served to help me develop my relationship with Jesus.


As Women we compare ourselves to others to find our worth. Comparison really is a thief, too. It robs us of time spent learning how to grow healthy both personally and spiritually and we spend much of our time trying to be more like “her”.

Our pursuit of comparison keeps us from focusing on the women of God we are uniquely designed and created to be. 

Social Media, for all its good, has also caused barriers of comparison and competition as we look for validation in connections with people we may never meet. There is a disconnect when we feel more connected to our online people than the people in the same room with us. 

Many of us sit in church looking around judging others as way more spiritual than we are instead of focusing on how to read and study the Bible.


I’ve asked my preacher husband many times who we can grow up in Church, christian families and still miss the foundational truths of the Bible?

 How is it that we live, move, and breathe in the church culture and miss learning HOW to read the Bible for ourselves? We learn that we SHOULD read the Bible, but many of us miss HOW to read and study the Word of God. Then we wrestle with guilt.


In a recent search, I found that almost all Christian women have the same barriers when it comes to Bible reading and study. 

Here is what I found are the top struggles women have when it comes to reading the Bible.

  • SCHEDULE LIMITATIONS: creating a routine time and space for Bible reading with our busy modern lives.
  • DISCONNECTED FROM THE TEXT: feeling that the scripture is far removed from our modern lives, and we don’t see the connection.
  • UNDERSTANDING: the Bible uses genealogy, historical records, metaphors, symbolism, and more. Navigating these different writing styles can seem difficult.
  • SPIRITUAL DOUBT AND UNCERTAINTY: life changing events lead us to seek answers, but when we don’t feel connected to the text, feel it’s too difficult, we become distracted by discouragement.
  • WHERE TO START:  many women don’t know where to find the tools, have questions about translations, and don’t know how to find study resources to help with their study.

Discovering these reasons only reminded me of my own journey and discovering how to overcome my own Bible reading struggles. 


The first barrier to break down when it comes to reading the Bible is to take the first step. For many, a simple daily Bible reading plan is a great way to start. There are many daily devotional especially designed for busy women which provide a verse of scripture and then a time of directed reflection and prayer. A women’s study Bible is also a great choice. 

If you are just beginning your Bible reading journey, I don’t recommend an in-depth Bible study that requires a commitment of weeks at a time with lengthy homework assignments and reading, but if you are someone who has more time and the willingness to do so, then go for it! 

The important thing to remember is that our faith journey is one that comes step by step. Jesus asks us to “come and see” and His desire is to help us develop a relationship with Him in the process. 

If you are a woman who struggles with reading the Bible, if any of the above reasons resonate with you, I’d like to offer you my BIBLE STUDY MADE EASY course. It’s an easy and approachable way to read, understand and apply God’s Word. I teach from my own journey to reading the Bible and developing  a relationship with God.

In the BIBLE STUDY MADE EASY course you will discover what God values the reading and study of His Word, How reading the Bible and studying it’s message affects our worship, and how to prioritize developing our relationship with Jesus.