We’re Moving {Again}

We’re moving (again) and sorting our stuff has been a huge distraction. They say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but what if it’s my trash that I treasure? The boxes of family memories can be a distraction.

Is this even true? “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”

Distracted by the Stuff

We recently sold our house and have moved into a temporary rental situation. We’ve been here before! We’re living in the same rental we did before we purchased the house we just sold. Ironic.

Instead of unpacking everything, we’ve piled boxes in every corner, and every small space is filled with our “stuff.” Why unpack everything when we will be moving again in a few weeks? 

(We’re buying a sweet little cottage and I can’t wait to show it to you!) 

In case I haven’t told you, I like my home to be a comfortable, peaceful place where anyone who visits will feel safe and welcome. When my “nest” is all askew I feel unsettled and restless. I feel distracted by the disruption in daily routines. 

Distracted by the Storage

While packing our belongings, we {tried to} take our time to sort our attic treasures and stored stuff.

It’s amazing how much so-called treasure we’ve kept over the years that should have been donated or discarded long ago. But in the process of going through the boxes of our family treasures, I kept asking myself “Is this trash, or is this a treasure to keep?” 

Distracted by the Family Memories

Holding the tangible parts of our family’s past makes it all the more difficult to discard items that remind me of days gone by. Emotions run high when holding the crayon drawings of “I love mom.”

My great plan to bring order to our attic chaos was diverted by bitter-sweet tears, family memories, and longing for the younger days of our boys. I remembered their voices and excited declarations of “I made this for you, Mom!”

Sorting the boxes of saved items from our kids’ school days is hard. Remembering the moments of laughter, tears, and school projects are treasures in this mother’s heart. 

Deciding on “why” we are holding onto scraps of paper they scribbled on is a real tug-of-war of my mind and emotions.

I may need an intervention!

Distracted by Life

We tried to label the boxes for better organization going forward but then daily life, love, and living got in the way of all my great plans. 

We finally just started throwing things into boxes and decided to hope for the best! When we’re ready to unload our belongings into our new (to us) house, I will be both happy and frustrated to fluff our new nest. 

Embracing the Distractions

Even though my “nest” is unsettled and my desire for order and peace is not perfect, I’ve decided not to let what feels like distraction become a stronghold of negative emotions. I’m embracing the transition of our move with thanksgiving and praise. 

True story: When it became apparent we would be moving twice within two months, my heart and mind were overwhelmed. My emotions were filled with anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights. I wanted to run away and hide somewhere. My emotions and anxious mind could have become a stronghold of fear.

But God is good. I prayed and told Him all the things that concerned me. I set all of my emotions before Him and asked Him to help me navigate this season of change. In doing so, I’ve been able to relax, find peace, and rest knowing that while I may be distracted by many things, God is always holding me close and in control of all I am not. 

Our Family is All Grown Up Now

When I think of all the ways God has blessed us over the years, I look back to photographs like this one below and have to smile. I didn’t know it at the time, but those were my favorite memories that are most treasured to me.

The contrast of the two photos above make me smile AND cry a little. Why? Because these are my favorite people in the world. And whether Mike and I are moving locations for the last time or we move ten more times, home will always be where my people are!

Love and Blessings!

De Anna

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